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Bison 400L tough on Wheat

Wondering if anyone experiencing Bison tank mix with Badge, hurt the wheat crop. I sprayed June 1 at 3 left stage, ideal growing conditions, over night low of 8 celcius.

My wheat and barley absolutely got hammered. It 23 days after I sprayed, awesome growing conditions and the wheat is almost brownish color and short. Whereas my other fields sprayed with different product are lush and very green. The barley is slowly coming back but wheat is still sick.

Crop is planted on pea stubble with a fertilizer blend of 85-30-10-10, deep banded at seeding.

Any thoughts,, FBN agronomist works out of another province, and had no explanation.

Any thought or experiences with the same results?


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I have called up FBN and mentioned the problem to them, and waited to see if a company rep could come out....more than 3 weeks passed and all I got was a phone call.

Their listed company agronomist is from Saskatchewan and wasn't able to help...too far away.

Had local retailers come out ( never sold me the product) gave me alot of onsite on what happened.

I reach Adama, the company who manufactur...


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I had heavy surfactant burn. Even took out 40 acres of wheat, where the crop was totally fried.

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The surfactant in Bison is terrible stuff. Depending on conditions we sometimes only put half the surfactant in.

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Used 2 4D and Bison on barley, 2 days later barley was brown and looked like it was dying. It has recovered nicely now though. Have used Bison in the past with no crop injury at all. Something wrong with the surfactant this year ,thats what Adama says.

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I agree, the surfactant seems to be the root of the problem. My barley is coming back, but the wheat is very slow to recover.

Adama still has yet to contact me with complaint.

Will update with any news.

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Used Octain and Bison on barley, looked like chemfallow for a few days. It came back and it looks alright. ********* said it was the surfactant in the Bison