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Looking for a farm financial advisor

I'm looking for someone who can help me look into my farm financials. Wanting to take a deeper look into where things are going money wise. Been feeling like the money side of things has been increasingly stressing and so I'm looking for professional help with some financial management. Maybe the position we're in is fairly typical of farming in Western Canada. This will be the 4th crop on our own. Been managing ground since 2013. So we're definitely in expansion mode but what do I look for as far as risk management goes with that? Not sure if I'm explaining my question very well. My accountant uses QuickBooks so he prints off good reports for me. But I'd like a little better handle on understanding where we are headed with everything. My family is all business people so I'm flying solo with the farm thing. Any ideas for me? Is the advisory service offered by MNP worth it?


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At our farm we have signed up with a man out of Saskatchewan that designed the software for Cargill market sense . So the setup is almost t...



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We were in a similar situation years back, the best advisory program we got was a grain marketing advisor who took our financials and we wor...


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