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Ok so we run agco and red so this question will be stupid for the ones that run green

I found a 9770 sts combine looks to be in good shape dose it have enough power to run a 12 row head in 200+ bpa corn and is a 1293 corn head chopping or non chopping


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Ran 9770 on 12 row head for years. Non chopping. Cuts lots of high moisture. Had plenty of power. If plowing mud might run short of power dumping on go. Are s 670 good machine. But 9770 are great.

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Cornhead generally is non chopping

9770 is great with a 12 row. The only time you would be short of power in corn is if it is quite wet or going up steep hills

I run a late model 9760 and am pleased with it with a 12 row Drago non chopping head

My opinion

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I run a 9760 for corn and I upgraded from a 9650 to an S670 for beans but either machine will go both ways, as I was searching last fall for a replacement for the 9650, I looked at a lot of 9770s. Let me share a couple things I learned. Don’t buy one older than a 2010. There were some engine issues before 10, I know many guys will say not, but my neighbor bought one and then spent 30k for new e...



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You will not have enough separating area in 200 bushels + with any green leaves, power no problem but grain over the. Back

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We run a 9770 std with a 8 row chopping head. It has plenty of power for a 12 row with chopping capability

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A 12 row corn head will work great on a 9770. That size of machine would play around with a 8 row.


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Thank you