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How do you get a clean sample of grain sorghum

Using a 9670 corn , bean combine and 30 foot flex head with air reel. Also have tried filler plates which seemed to help but am looking for cleaner sample. Because I am in minnesota , moisture is typically around 20% or more. Any ideas?


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thanks for the tips!

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We use Estes concaves down here in Texas they work really well for us

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We use the wheat convenes you can't separate the grain with round corn concaves. We tried when I first bought the 9760 and had to put the wheat concave in the can do a really good job. We harvest grain sorghum every year. Also turn the air up to 900 and open the top sieve or chaffer so the air can get through and I think you will be amazed at the difference.


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You would greatly improve your sample with different concaves. Not wheat concaves but they make a small round one similar to the large round