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Has anyone had any experience with disc drills ?

We are a few years away from upgrading

We like the idea of a disc drill but I don’t see a lot of information on how they perform in wet conditions

Looking for the pros and cons

We live in the swan valley and generally have wetter seeding conditions so it needs to perform

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I’m from Westen Oklahoma, so it’s mostly dry here and disc drills are all that’s here. I assume you’re using a hoe drill? Disc drills do not work well in wet conditions, all the rotating discs can plug up with mud...then are no longer rotating discs!

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Yea we are using a caseIH precision 800 hoe drill 10” spacings

We like the individual openers a lot

But we can’t go overly fast

It starts covering the First two rows a lot

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I farm in the red river valley and John Deere single disc drills are huge here. But if I didn’t have a shop big enough to work on it in the winter I don’t know if I’d own one. Me and my hired man go through ours in the winter when we aren’t busy. The John Deere 1890 is a awesome machine

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I like the way the newholland p2082 looks

What kind of maintenance do you do to the ********* yearly ?

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I bought it used and so far we have had to put new discs, seed tabs twice, new firming wheels and installed a kit to take the play out of the seed boots.

It is a big job to grease it as well. 3 zerks per row

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As far as yearly it depends on acres and soil type. I cover bout 2000 acres per year with mine and I’ve been told in my heavy soil the wear parts should last me a long time

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An uncle had a Morris never pin in the wetter years up this way and it was awful. Black loam soils with some clay in areas. When it was wet it plugged up and just in general did a horrible job. The maintenance and upkeep was terrible for an older guy to manage alone. He sold it after two seasons and went to a seedhawk

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I wouldn't be scared of it. Here in The Red River valley they are a very popular machine, a few years ago I bought one, I flipped it this spring. When you are looking at them make sure everything turns that should and nothing turns that shouldn't, that's a tongue and cheek comment but it is very important. To some up my statement if you are nice to it will work very well for you if you neglect it you will regret your decision

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