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Verified FBN Member (TX)


Sorghum Fingers...need expertise.

Unfortunately, I have far more more sorghum than I would like this year (and probably the opportunity to custom harvest all I can handle).

Everything will be row crop, no broadcast. Will run a 7130 and a 30’ 1010. This is a catch crop, but not content to do a marginal job harvesting.

Any experiences welcome.


Verified FBN Member (TX)

I bought a set from Shield Ag. Work great...hope to never need them again, however! Would sell them and the 30’ 1010 they’re currently on.

Verified FBN Member (KS)

I have some Downer Milo & Sunflower Guards for sale if you are interested. They work great. I am selling because we switched from a Draper...


Verified FBN Member (TX)

We have used orange milo guards from shield AG Hutchison Kansas for many years. They are easy on and off in small sections.


Verified FBN Member (TX)

Appears to be the way to go, thank you. I don’t like the look (or expense) of some of the others.

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