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What’s a good 2by2 brand for on a planter? I have a JD 7100 and I want the fertilizer under the seed

Verified FBN Member (IL)

It’s not technically 2x2, but the Conceal system from Precision planting looks pretty neat

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Yeah it does, I’m just not sure what’s out there that will work on such an old planter

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If your fields are square, yetter makes a nice setup that goes between the Furrow opener and the closing system model 2968-021. Can be ordered with a single blade for one side 2x2 or double blade for both sides of row.

You get way less trash plugging with the Coulter placed behind the Furrow opener/Tru vees vs having the 2x2 in front

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Totally tubular makes a really good under seed placement tube, we’ve used them for years and never had any trouble with them

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Those look good! When you were planting beans how many gallons of fertilizer do you use under the seed? See a yield bump doing liquid instead of dry broadcast?

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we usually don’t with beans , guys that do put 2.5 gal in furrow, we’re going to try it next year I think. In corn 5 gallons definitely helps our stand and gets it going out of the ground.

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