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Has anyone ever filed a damage claim with a railroad caused by a derailment on farm land?

Train derailed on one of my rented farms. Submitted a claim for myself and landowner. Claim is stalled in committee. I asked for some damages for future yield loss over 4 years. With the damage amount decreasing each year. Railroad built gravel road across field, cut our tile lines, compaction, cut up wreaked cars, hauled out car contents, all across our field. Railroad asked me to show them an example of someone asking for damages to crop yields over 4 years. 5 acres would be the amount of field they used to clean up the mess. Does anyone have documentation that would help back up my claim?


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When the oil train derailed by casselton ND the railroad basically paid the full value of the effected land to the owner and still had to cl...



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When the Dakota access pipeline was built the easement paid crop damage plus several years of reduced production after installation. They s...



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