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Corn and soybean basis

What are you guys seeing for old crop basis ,I have been watching way too far for us to haul either crops...I am seeing a basis level of. 40 cents to almost a Dollar over our local market. West Central Wisconsin. Please comment. Thanks much. And what do you think of this crazy market????


Verified FBN Member (KS)

It varies greatly across the country here in southwest Kansas we are $1.35 over

Verified FBN Member (SD)

South Eastern South Dakota here. We just got up to .71 over on corn and .38 under on soybeans.

Verified FBN Member (MD)

Here in Maryland, we have 1 grainery paying .90 over for July

Verified FBN Member (IL)

Current rate here in Central IL at the local elevator is basis of 20 cents for corn and 8 cents for soybeans.

Of course processors have to pay shipping to them from "market" so they pay over market price for your delivery.

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