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Precision Planting liquid setup

I’m searching for a used Precision Planting liquid setup with all controllers and row flow sense etc. Maybe even the pump. Let me know what you have.


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we have 12 row with everything, about 2000 acres or less **** *******- ****

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Benco makes stand-alone liquid fertilizer system that works very well.

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We have 24 rows of Hawkins N-Forcers for 2x2 for sale. No precision to go with it. Was used with exact apply by precision. It’s a nice setup, we just want to get away from liquid fertilizer at planting.


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We are growing several different crops and are spread out. We really like the starter fertilizer but it slows us down so much at planting. If you can use it I would recommend it.

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Just curious but why are you getting away from liquid at planting, I have never grown corn but I’m going to plant 70ish acres this year to get my feet wet to supply a friend with conventional corn for his hogs. I’m in the process of converting my old 7300 8 row 38” cotton planter and was considering adding liquid fertilizer system.

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Have a unit that was on ****** 3600 planter 16 row. Ground driven pump. Tom ************


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