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Anyone have any experience with superU for us the cost is $140 ton difference is it worth it

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It depends on your soil conditions, the placement of the fertilizer, and the anticipated weather after application. I think its worth the added cost with a surface applied application during warm periods of the season such as a topdress or side-dress on the surface. If preplant with incorporation into the soil, I don't think it's worth the additional cost unless you expect N leaching due to soil moisture above field capacity. When soil temps are above 50 F, you will still have some urease activity causing volatilization of N, but in general it will be less below the surface than it is on the surface. If you are able to blend your own urea with a stabilizer you can purchase the same active ingredient as in Agrotain Ultra and SuperU through FBN and save $15 per gallon. Look for FBN Nitrogen Stabilizer on FBN Direct or talk to your rep. SuperU also has DCD, which decreases leaching loss, so if N leaching is likely due excessive rain/irrigation after application there is that added benefit to SuperU. If you would like to discuss your particular uses with a free consultation with an FBN Agronomist you can call/text ************. Hope this helps.

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Thank you that helps I was going to use it In a pre plant application

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