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What about Estes XPR Combine Concaves

Does anyone use the Estes XPR grates ?

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I have had the Estes XPR combine concaves on a CaseIH 9230. We have had many problems with the cast iron piece that goes in the grate area. Any little thing that goes through machine breaks the castings. Also have had some poor welds on grate piece. The concaves that were provided have done a good job, sometimes with the covers installed in soybeans can collect dirt and fill up. Went back to factory round bar on corn and soybeans. Cheaper and works well. Liked the Estes in green beans but with all the problems, not worth the extra cost and trouble. My opinion...

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We have run the rates Concaves on flagship and factory round bars on the other side by side this year. Didn’t see a difference. Have had same issue with cast grates as well. Hard to make them pencil out in my mind. 6500 acres between 2 machines. 70% corn acres. 30% soybeans. Pick 1/2 of the corn acres for high moisture corn to feedlots also. That’s where I though the XPR would shine. Haven’t seen it.

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I see there's a set of these selling this coming week on Auction Time. Listed in "Attachments" Combine snouts Lot#8848

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I put the Estes concaves in last summer for wheat,rye,wet corn and beans then dry corn! Loved them! It made a different machine out of my combine. JD S670

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