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Any suggestions on where to find graphite in bulk for a good price?

Id like to find it by the 5 gal pail. kind of spendy buying it by the small jug they give you are the dealership.

CASH IH planter. tried the talc/graphite mix last year. That seemed alittle more sticky. Was going to try and find a place to order bulk graphite for next year. Any suggestions are helpful.


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They have it all


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I'm starting to work with **** at Farm Talc. They have talc, graphite, 80/20, 90/10, 70/30 blends as well. Contact info:

Phone: 855 USE TALC

PO Box 463

16677 150th Ave

Spring Lake, MI 49456


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Yes. Goodpoint. Farm Talc is 25# vs. 20# in most cases.

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I used this last year, highly recommended. It was just as good as the Deere 80/20 I’ve used years prior and significantly cheaper.

Note his buckets are heavier than deere’s. So you need to compare lbs not buckets.

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