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Corn moisture

How wet is everyone’s corn coming out of field? Mine is running between 25% and 34%, how wet will you run?


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We started corn on Sept 29. It was 30 percent then. We finished 3 weeks later it was 16.

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10 to 16%

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I harvested my corn four weeks ago. It ran between 10.5 - 13.8%.

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Most of ours has been running 20 - 22% which is where we like it to be to harvest.

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Just sold one field at 14.7

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Ours has been 12-14% for3 weeks

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Harvested 16% t0 18% corn yesterday, very little header loss with our Drago headers.

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We had a wet spring so we was late on planting and we also had to replant half of our corn. Yes it is black layered.

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It not fun trying to dry 25% corn in single digit temps. I have a hard time believing corn is going to dry much more in the field this time of year. Why is the corn so wet? 34% isn't even black layered yet is it?


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When did you plant it, in June, or July. A organic farm planted in late July, a lot of it, just recently chopped it for corn silage. SEMN. In Iowa, plant it in Mid- to late April, 100 to 104 day corn, it should easily be below 19 in a normal year, by Nov. 1st. Or before.

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Generally speaking, header loss cost me more than the gas spent in my grain dryer. Highest ylds and profit come at 25-27% harvest moisture generally speaking by my figures over 30 years.

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Our coop won’t take corn or milo if it’s above 14 moisture. So we have to sit and wait for that.

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We don't have a dryer, just air on the bins, storing to feed to the cows.

We like to wait for it to get as dry as possible. We couldn't wait any longer with such nice weather we've had and took a good bunch out around 18-23%. I don't like going above 20% but only because of the storage setup we've got. I like to be more around 16-18%.

It's a battle between loosing it at the head, or fighting to ...


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Gonna finish corn here tomorrow. It's 18%

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Finished my corn 2 weeks ago. The wettest harvested was 19%, most in the 17 to 18 range, and the last few loads were down to 14%.

To dry for my liking, had plenty of header loss.