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Anyone running Alliance Radial tires?

We have a tractor that needs rear tires. Currently has Firestone Deep treads and they are shot. We priced Michelin Agri-Bib and one dealer was trying to sell us Some Alliance tires which he claimed were made by BF Goodrich??? They are about $600 less than the Michelin’s. I know the Michelin’s will hold up, but know nothing about Alliance. Anybody running them? We have another tractor with 3 year old Firestones and I’m really not impressed.


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Trelloborg tire would be my first choice as they are a high speed tire with good side wall and less money compared to Michelin.Bkt is also a...



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We've had a set of Alliance tires on our 125 hp tractor. Granted, this tractor mainly does planting and cultivating, nothing heavy duty, but...



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Alliance is a division of Yokohama. Haven’t run their Ag tires, but do use Yokohama on pickups and semi and have been pleased

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