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Anyone running Alliance Radial tires?

We have a tractor that needs rear tires. Currently has Firestone Deep treads and they are shot. We priced Michelin Agri-Bib and one dealer was trying to sell us Some Alliance tires which he claimed were made by BF Goodrich??? They are about $600 less than the Michelin’s. I know the Michelin’s will hold up, but know nothing about Alliance. Anybody running them? We have another tractor with 3 year old Firestones and I’m really not impressed.

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Alliance is a division of Yokohama. Haven’t run their Ag tires, but do use Yokohama on pickups and semi and have been pleased

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We've had a set of Alliance tires on our 125 hp tractor. Granted, this tractor mainly does planting and cultivating, nothing heavy duty, but the tires have been on about 8 years and seem to be holding up well.

I do remember the tire man saying he probably wouldn't recommend these tires for constant high torque jobs (e.g. primary tillage) but they're great for medium duty. That advice may have applied to our specific tire and not the whole line, I don't recall exactly.

Good Luck

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Trelloborg tire would be my first choice as they are a high speed tire with good side wall and less money compared to Michelin.Bkt is also a good choice but not as durable as the other two mentioned here.Alliance will be fairly good but not a common choice in my area.

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