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Indigo Carbon? Who's signed up and actually talked to someone about it? Sounds too easy & simple.

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I have a contract to look over, but I haven’t taken the time yet. When they talk about payment per acre, it’s over 10 years. Paying $15 per ton/acre only get $1.50 a year. Yearly measuring carbon levels in soil. I initially thought payment was for if you improved soil carbon levels, but you are paid 10% on each years current levels. The pitchman I talked to said they pull 8 acre grid samples to determine carbon levels. They think carbon credits will go nuts in a few years and they will have made initial investment. I’m not sold that they are geniuses but no risk, no reward.

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Thanks! Now that sounds way more believable than what little is spouted on their website. No way could I see them being financially stable paying out on $15/ton/acre every year. That's what sounded way too simple and easy money. Definitely sounds more in line payment wise like the old cap & trade rates, which they claim this is nothing even close to being but still sounds like it to me.

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I signed up with them. I'm not a large operation, and I planned to incorporate a number of the soil health practices anyway so I figured I may as well let them pay me a little more. I know the deadline for signing up for this year is coming up.

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Met with top leadership in Memphis at their conference 18 months ago. These people are trying to steal the only remaining bits of privacy we have left on our farm. They will use the carbon market (product of the far left) to regulate our behavior on our own land. The seed treatment is a scam, the indigo transportation leg is a complete joke and their marketing team's story changes from month to month. When are farmers going to wake up!? Do ya'll really think that a bunch of Harvard and MIT people care about the livelihoods of farmers in middle America. Their sole purpose is to find quiet ways to infiltrate our businesses and map our soils, the productinvity of our farms and the behavior on every acre of land in the country. I went to one of those snobby schools and was on the inside of the beast. Farmers are square in the crosshairs. You better read every last word of fine print and then have the smartest attorney in your town read the contract as well before you do business with indigo. I wish you all well.

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I tried their treated corn the first year. Was a joke. Most money I’ve ever spent on seed and it was a complete failure. Posted about it throughout that growing season on Twitter. Was asked by Indigo to stop posting, didn’t. Took forever to get paid by them too. Burned once. Then saw their carbon idea, checked into it to see if it was too good to be true. It is, passed on that as well.

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This whole carbon trading deal is a very dangerous deal for American Farmers. Just think, you will be signing an agreement to mitigate the pollution from these companies onto your farm, basically that is what this does. Also you will have given away almost all of your rights and freedoms on your operation. Almost all of our competitor countries like South America and South Africa are not instituting these programs. This is another way to make USA noncompetitive with the rest of the world. Think of it as a handicap in golf or bowling. Only a fool would sign into such an agreement or promote such a form of communism, because clearly this will limit your freedoms to farm.

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Absolutely. Carbon markets are being developed to regulate behavior and continue to concentrate wealth at the top. The new green deal is coming for beef and oil and gas including ethanol. It may only be me but growing generic corn and soybeans on marginal acres will be a thing of the past in 10 years or less. How do others see this playing out?

Farmers are the greatest minority in this country and the people that care about us in government are going the way of the dinosaur.

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