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What is everyone’s thoughts with in furrow fertilizer?

I see research backing yield response and research saying minimal response. I’m considering it on my corn production for the first time. I know my fertility is currently lacking.


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By in large in furrow doesn't always show up in bushels. Where you see gains more often than not is in dry down in the fall because it gets it up n going. When off to a cold start starter will pay dividends. Mostly it's fantastic for adding in those micros like zinc and a splash of sulfur


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Since P isn't mobile in most soils, Im a strong believer in placing P as close to the root system as possible. Same is true for many micronutrients that are easily bound up in the soil. You have to watch your rate though as some in-furrow fertilizers are very salty and can damage seeds. You can always call the FBN Senior Agronomists at 605-223-4224 if you would like a free consult for your specifi...


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We run fertilizer in-furrow on corn and soybeans. We don’t always see a yield bump but it always makes a crop look better than the neighbors. Side note: if you have in furrow capability on your planter frees you up to experiment with other products also

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