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Heated Shed / Living Space

Been wanting to build a Heated Shed for years.

With it on one side / living space on the other side for House....

With So many options and cost . Wondering what's the best Bang for your buck ??!!

Been collecting info for years just want to do it right and not have any regrets .... You know

Here are my thoughts.

1. Big enough thinking 50 x 100 x 18 or 60 x 100 x 18

2. Spray foam insulation

Eliminate air leaks

Seal completely . Low heating cost.

3. In Floor heat . Seems best

( Although seems complicated ... No one has yet to explain or give me a simple system...) Boiler? Electric? Water heater? Corn fired? Geo??$$$

Would love to do it all floor heat and heat the house that way too ??

Would it be enough ?

I know there are 1000 things you can do ...just wanted to see any tips or tricks to make sure I don't overlook anything .

Thanks !!


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We really like the floor heat in our shop and our house. We run electric boilers for both, we looked into geo for our house but the new elec...


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I built a 40x100 biulding the 40x40 is the house 14 foot tall vaulted ceiling 2 story's the machinery side is 40x60 16 foot tall. I went wit...


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