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Wireless weather stations. Suggestions?

I am just looking for maybe 3 or so, basics such as precip, wind, temp, RH good enough. Prefer an app or web to login to see them remotely.

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I went with Telus Ag for mine. They use pessel instruments for the hardware so far very happy with it.

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Is there any subscription costs to this? Also do they mate up with neighbors if they have same type?

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Davis Weather Link. This one works well for. Has an app that is easy to use. Also, if there are other Davis users in your area you can look at their stations as well. Really nice feature as we have quite a few in our area so you can get a sense of rainfall from a broad perspective.

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Thank you I'll look into this as well.

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Yes i paid 4k for 3 years but that includes a soil moisture probe which was an extra 1000.for that price they maintain it set up the soil probe every year and cover any data charges. This one also produces a localized forecast specific for that station along with all the disease modeling

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Strongly consider the Davis Instruments line (

They have the full featured Vantage Pro 2 or the simpler Vantage Vue. There are all sorts of capabilities you can have from solar intensity to multiple temperature/wind sensors to leaf/soil moisture sensors. We have about 8 of these units on our multiple ranch locations...mostly temp, rain & wind.

You can link them via networks -- Davis Weather Link or WeatherUnderground -- but about half we do the old fashioned way, drive up and look. Our units are solar powered and as long as you change the back-up battery (single A123 & "C" cells) about once a year, it just keeps going.

We've used them for 20+ years. I have units in the field that are 13-14 yrs old. They have survived high wind, hail, ice/snow and brutal (for North Central Texas) cold.

Also, if something does happen to your unit (like lightening strike), Davis has a restoration service. They put it back together like new... sure it cost a bit... but better than buying new.

We couldn't accurately keep up with rain, temps and wind at our different locations without these units.

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That's a bunch of great information, thank you for that I will definitely have a look.

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