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What's everyone's favorite hot pressure washer?

I am currently looking at a new powerjet 4gpm and 4000psi for right around $4000. Also looking at an Aalidadin 3.5gph at 2300psi.

    What's everyone's  favorite hot pressure washer?


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*****. However they were bought out by ******* and they are not built like they used to be. Hydrotec is a good one also. All stainless. Maid...


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One year on an Alkota. Really like it. Easy to use and maintain.

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I prefer the Landa over the Hotsy. I've owned both.

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Pressure Washer Central Inc of Aberdeen SD has what you need

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I was looking atone of those too. The person selling the powerjet is a hotsy dealer and he does have a used hosty just not exactly what I'm ...


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Hotsy. More expensive but good service if you need it

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We have a Ez Clean Magnum 4000 series. Looks identical to the one you have pictured with the same specs. Had it for 4 years now and love i...


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