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What are your thoughts on grain vacs. Primary use will be to MT grain bins.(Seed production soybean)

Been comparing mostly the Conveyair Ultima 62 to the Walinga 6614 DLX due to these brands being all air vs. Brandt and REM having the auger loadout.

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I have used HandlAir and Vac Boss in the past. Nice dust free cleanout. The Vac Boss moved grain quicker, but had more maintenance with all the filter socks in the top end. In my opinion, grain vac's have their place but are very noisy, a lot of work and slow.

stopped using grain vac's when I put air floors in all my bins and load out augers under the floors. Now I use a Batco conveyor outside the bin and an auger sweep to clean up the floor.

I grow seed beans as well and have not seen any more 'tare' then before. My sweep auger has a hydraulic run motor with hoses out to a tractor, I can run it slow enough so it doesn't pile beans in the middle of the bin over the sump. Much quicker, quieter and much less work.

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