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What’s the best “deal” you’ve got in the last year that you thought was expensive at the time?

I have a tote of glyphosate left over that I bought in may. Hated to pay $20 for it at the time but now wish I had 10 more at that price.


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2016 3600hr JD 4045R sprayer; similar sprayer now is $30-40k more than what we paid in March.

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We ended 2020 knowing that we would need to upgrade some equipment. We were thinking we'd wait until closer to spring, but ended up finding finding what we wanted over the winter. We thought the prices were "fair" back in Jan, but we could see prices going up.

Got a used tractor, grain cart, combine and heads, and brand new manure spreader. Would be a whole lot more $$$ to get those now!

When we...


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Everything parts, chemicals, fertilizer, equipment, fuel

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