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Should we look at another leg or is an air system a better way to go?

We are looking to upgrade our grain handling system on our farm. We currently have a leg on another farm and get along with it alright but it does have quite a lot of maintenance to go with it. Would we be better off to put in another leg or is an air system a better alternative? Would be feeding about 100k bushels right now. Thank you!


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Have an air system as well put between 140-180k through it a year and we like how everything serviceable is on the ground and I don’t have t...


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I do 300000 bu. A yr in a 5 inch system. Had it since 1991. Works well.

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No experience with a leg, but we put 120k bushels thru a 5” air system into 48x10 bins and it’s simple, all moving parts are serviceable fro...


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