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What water rates do you guys use with glyphosate on summer fallow?

We have been using a 10 gallon an acre rate since we started spraying. I was wanting to know if there is a better gallon rate to use or stick with what has been working. We use a pull type sprayer.

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Usually run 10 gpa but have gone 7-8 with no problems. There is growing wheat around most fields this time of year and I like to keep gallonage at 10 or above to help minimize drift. By late summer when other growing crops aren't a worry I keep it 8-10 just because it's normally so hot while spraying.

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10gpa. Could maybe do 8 especially with today’s drift agents, 10 just became our standard rate usage. We also run twin fan nozzles. New to us sprayer this year has a Capstan pwm system on it. Going to try some at 8gpa and see if we notice any difference. 30ac difference on a tank going from 10 to 8.

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