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I am looking for somebody who wants to manage a farm, maybe even start to farm on their own in Ohio.

We are looking for someone who loves agriculture and is interested in managing a farm , and maybe even get help starting their own farm. Know of anyone?


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Response deleted by author

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I'm interested. I can be reached at ************, ask for ****.

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There are always opportunities. call or text ************ please

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Good afternoon Sir, is this opportunity still out there? Or have you already found someone

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Hello I have lots of farm management experience I am ohio born and raised. If you like you can contact me at ************ thanks

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Hey **** contact me ********** i would definitely be interested in talking with you

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Can you call/text me? I have interest and would like to learn more. ************

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What size farm and crop mixture?


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Interested, just not sure I can leave the family farm . Would love to at least chat. ************

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Also interested, ************

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I’m interested in the opportunity as well. Feel free to reach out to me at **********.

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I am extremely interested. 20 years old, currently a Operations Manager at a Potato Farm for Spraying.

My number is ************** if you wanna shoot me a text.

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