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** Exact Apply versus Case AIM command sprayer systems- who is better?

I have a older case sprayer with AIM command on it. I am looking to upgrade and was wondering if the John Deer Exact apply is worth the extra money. Seems they want about $50-100 thousand more for the deer system. Only been out a few years whereas case AIM has been out for a long time. Anyone have a opinion who is better?

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Disclaimer: I worked as a Case mechanic for six years, of which I spent A LOT of time working on sprayers and aim systems. And I currently sell Capstan products as part of my mechanical business.

Likely your current sprayer has a Capstan system on it if it’s around 2015 or older. Case and Capstan are no longer working together. The new system on the Case sprayers is now Raven supplied.

So the Exact Apply vs. current Case Aim has approximately the same release date. As far as I know the raven system has been fairly trouble free.

You can also look into a Capstan system, they will install their tried and true system on any colour of sprayer.

Disadvantage of that would be integration. I can’t speak for Deere but I know Case runs everything through the Pro700 where as Capstan would have to run a stand-alone monitor.

As far as I can tell, without ever actually running one, but by talking to customers/people involved in the industry... Deere being Deere managed to really over complicate the whole PWM (pulse width modulation) spray system.

My quick two cents.

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Exact apply is absolutely worth it. With the added speed, ours gains upwards of 50% more efficiency.

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Run the case from a it's proven to work stand point. I only know of two people who personally run the deeere system. One hates it so much he traded it and the other loves. However everyone loves their aim.

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The exact apply system is great but it is very costly to maintain. The Nozzle bodies are more expensive and the orings and seals are always needing to Ben replaced. Like I said it’s a great system but don’t count out the extra cost with additional maintenance.

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We ra he Deere system for two years now and other than nozzles to start we spend zero on maintaince. Love it!

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Exact apply works great but is very costly to maintain. It will be time to trade before you ever see a return on the exact apply system...savings sure money back LONG time

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As AIM gets older. IT SUCKS. ***** is good Dont know the newerJD but JD is almost always twice as complicated as it should be. Try both if your dealer cannot explain it to the last question get a different dealer. Case and JD both promise the world and most often dont produce. Get it in writing and hold them to it Experienced Me

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Can’t speak to the exact apply But we have a 7 year old aim command on our 4830 that had been great. We occasionally get some antagonism between the Deere and *******

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Just got back into spraying and priced both systems. Didn't know much about either one. Bought new in 2018. Ended up with Case-IH and haven't had any problems. Way cheaper than the John Deere. Had a neighbor switched from green to red and couldn't believe the difference in machines. Ride is a lot better and a lot quieter cab. He is also very happy.

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We had the capstan AIM system on our last 2 sprayers with the extra monitor for the AIM. Our newest one came with AIM Flex which from my understanding is the Raven setup. The first year we fought all sorts of issues with the Pro700 running AIM. It would lock up, loose mapping, and have auto steer glitches. We also couldn't store any products which makes keeping spray records digitally impossible. CASE basically told us after 3 months of trying everything and getting a regional technician out to look at it that the Pro 700 was incapable of running everything. They ended up putting the Case Trimble monitor in. Everything has ran great since.

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AIM system at 15 pulses per second causes continuous overapplication and underapplication 15 times per second. Deere system can be set to have continuous 100% coverage using two nozzles operating oppositely at 15 pulses for a net 30 pulses per second. The under application doesn't kill weeds and the overapplication hurts crop. It is up to you to decide what is your purpose of spraying. Photos do not lie. I purchased a Deere after witnessing the situation in this photo over and over again by my COOP's AIM system. And if you really want the truth. the best system is still the proper nozzles at the proper rates in the proper conditions and these pulsing systems are more gimmick than substance. Save your money and buy some excellent nozzles.

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Do we really need Aim? we run Apache, weeds are all dead when we are done spraying, crops look the the same as the guys with Aim and we have very little trouble with are sprayer!

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imo no... but it helps. just depends on your fields. I have alot odd shaped small fields and they get different prescriptions. I can really fine tune the water usage in each field after i spray the field the first time and it really cuts down on chem waste. the turn compensation is really awesome spraying around all the light poles and tree islands and what not.

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farming about 400 acres and custom apply on about 25000, running a raven hawkeye with raven viper 4 display in a caseih 2250.... i really like it. set up is easy... Its no doubt a good system but be sure to get the revision h solenoids. when i bought my machine it had the rev c and i was ready to junk it but they came out and changed it all to rev h and been doing good every since. had a harness issue which was dropped ship the next day which resulted in very little down time. I added backup nozzles so i can spray conventional when hawkeye goes down... neighbors have capstan which seems like a good simple way to go... they had a little more fine tuning with their system leaving skips but gotit worked out pretty quick... didnt notice it till desiccation time tho... the offsets had to be changed a little bit...

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