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John Deere S670 vs S680?

We’re looking at upgrading combines in the next couple years and looking at our options. We’ve narrowed it down to JD S670 and S680. We’d like the machine to be close to 10 years old with less than or right at 2000 eng hours. We’ll be running 8 row corn head and 40’ grain platform. In your opinions which machine would be best suited to our needs? And what are some options y’all would recommend (ex. Long unload auger, cab options, folding bin or static extensions, etc). Thanks.


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Big corn you will want the 680. Also if you get into a tough harvest you will need the extra HP. Won’t be needed every year depending on har...


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We’ve ran both and prefer the s680 personally. Our problem with the 670 was we didn’t feel like mechanically it was any better then the 9760...


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When we tune them, our max hp we will add on the S670 is 55hp and on the S680 is 95HP. I have a few customers running 45 ft drapers on the s...


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We run both. We run 12 row corn heads 30 flex head on beans. On corn the 2 combines run side by side. When cutting green beans early on t...


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