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John Deere 4640 $28,500

JD 4640--18.4R42s practically new. 3 SCVS. LED lights. New A/C compressor less than 100 hrs ago. Clean as a pin. The paint job is 16 years old if that says anything about how it has been maintained. Always serviced regularly, head gasket was done around 5500 hrs and the hone marks were still very prevalent in the liners. Rod/Main bearings less than 500 hrs ago while was split for PTO clutch/traction clutch/2 spd rebuild. That job was done by Deere and we have the documentation to go with it. Injection pump has been rebuilt, all the service records since we purchased it in approx 2004 are here at the farm if you would like to come check it out and go through them. Cab kit was done about 5 years ago. Quick hitch is in the shop for it, we take it off while baling.

    John Deere 4640
    John Deere 4640
    John Deere 4640
Year: 1978
Condition: Used - Like New


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how many hours are on it ?

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