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succession planner

looking for someone to help in navigating our dairy farm to the next generation. Located in east central WI.


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*********** next generation **. Highly recommend.


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*********** very knowledgeable has transition hundreds of farms and has kind of a “free quote” visit.

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Davon Cook! She’s out of Loveland, CO and wasn’t cheap but good. Helped us transition from 1 operation into 2 separate ones.


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Hi *****, Sure I can help you with starting from scratch… If you like you can call or text me ************* Or email me at



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We used Hoffman and associates in Atlanta Georgia. All transmissions done email and over the phone. They are not cheap, but they are REALLY GOOD. Estate planning, asset protection, etc.


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Hi, I’m *********** owner Penny Enterprises in Lynchburg, Va… Succession Planning has such a broad definition from finding new employees for replacement leadership positions to training new employees for leadership positions..

Along with educational programs to implement for new equipment to start up equipment and techniques.. And organizing yearly to future yearly growth….

What exactly is the t...



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We are starting from scratch. Basically what we are looking for what do both parties want and what would how to split responsibility’s and finances.