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Best Farm Manager Program, hopefully with iOS and Mac support, in Canada?

Hoping to be able to track everything from field operations, storage, contracts, break even, etc.

Or if you want to share how you manage to track all of that, that would be helpful as well. Thanks!

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I don't believe there is all in one program like that.... My suggestion is to use a few different programs that are specialized in certain errors. For example, accounting use quickbooks. Hedging, you should a legitimate platform or organization. Also, there is nothing wrong with some good old excel work if needed.

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Thanks for the response! Yes I have yet to find anything quite like that. A shame though. Seems like a good opportunity for someone to take that on!

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I think Granular would be the most comprehensive plan I’ve seen. I personally can’t justify the cost for our acres so we use FarmLogs for operations and made an excel model for keeping track of hedges - you can link excel directly to the CME pricing so just refresh the model and have a good picture of the marketing side.

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Didn’t know you can do that. Great idea! Thanks

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a great program I use is Harvest profit, It is my go to program for my operation

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Have definitely heard of it but haven’t checked it it, thanks for the recommendation

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We use Fieldview for data collection and analysis. Simple and easy to use for that. For financial info they work with another company called Conservis so that the data flows seemlessly between the programs. Haven’t gotten around to signing up for Conservis yet but I highly recommend Fieldview. You own your data, not the company. It has replaced the old notebook in the seeder and sprayer to write down rates, chem used, etc.

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Thanks! Didn’t realize they worked together.

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Farm at hand was free not sure now. I’ve tried farm at hand and farm command from farmers edge and they are both good ideas but in reality we’re not going away from the spreadsheet or manually writing down some of our important information. the people from those companies don’t recommend stopping your existing tracking systems either so why do it twice.

I’m Tired of pumping info into an app to only get more questions an no answers.

I also know that all over the world there are small businesses getting held up for ransom because a hacker has control over their tracking program and they end up paying $10,000 to un lock their data because they rely on it 100%. I know Someone in Australia this happened to and the police said to pay it or lose the data because there’s nothing they can do.

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