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Elk Herd and straws for sale

Elk herd of 27 and 90 straws for sale. Herd located in MN. Straws stored at GLSS. 27 elk that includes a 2019 bull, 13 cows (2018-2021), 11 yearling (2022) heifers, and 2 heifer calves (2023). All were exposed to the 2019 bull. Healthy herd and history of 500” genetics. The straws are from “Popeye” and “Stalwart”. Popeye is a big, beautiful bull over 500”. 10 straws of him. Stalwart was one of the first bulls to cut 40 lbs of velvet and a great producer! 80 straws of him. 80K for everything.


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