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Best toolbox for truck bed?

On the farm we have a service truck with a montezuma tool box that works great for keeping our tools and things dry and protected. But we also have a Ford ranger that gets driven when we have guys headed to the field in multiple directions. I’d love a toolbox to go in it to keep some tools for minor repairs and things. But don’t want to break the bank! Any suggestions?

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I've come to really like the DeWalt tough system boxes. I use two of the two drawer boxes and then a shallow box on to. Everything's waterproof, well organized, and doesn't take up the entire truck. Also breaks down so it's easy to take a chunk of it with you if you can't drive to the worksite.

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just don't overload them. and put a flat board underneath them or the bottom drawer tends to warp a bit.

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That’s pretty cool, where did you get that foam?

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weather guard pack rat

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********* pack out. Get the type with a lid that seals. Get a couple of base plated screw down to a pallet add off you go

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