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Dust Control for a large gravel yard?

It drives me nuts! The wind is always whipping out gravel around and everything in the shops is COVERED in dust. Are there any products out there that do a GOOD job of keeping dust down and aren't extremely corrosive and/or expensive? I can't stand the way everything is always dusty, and concrete is too expensive for 3-4 acres lol


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Have not tried this yet, but considering it.

If you do, please share if it works


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Spray soybean oil


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Not exactly the cheapest, but I'd think an asphalt sealer type oil would work. Turn it into a "paved" driveway like they do by putting oil on the country gravel roads.

Or artificial turf ;)


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around here there is a service that sprays down dust retardant and it’s made out of potassium salt. Either that or spray your gravel with water three times a week.


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