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Just wondering what everyone thinks it cost to haul a bushel of grain 1 mile with there own semi.

Please consider cost of repairs and Fuel cost.

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So it costs $16-$20 a mile? Seems excessive. I am more in the ball park of half a cent per bushel per mile.

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spot on

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Based on a 7 year depreciation, and multi-year averages for repair, maintenance, and fuel, I figure $0.005 on corn and $0.006 on beans.

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8 hrs = 14 loads per day=28 miles thats 3,640,000 bushels working every week 5 days for that mile 8 hours a day i used 35 minute turns loaded/unloaded I used the 15% model breaking the tractor down to 85% and the trailer 15% my guess is the repairs per mile in this model will be considerable low as well

Yearly Gross $88,717.44 Also need to fill out right Depreciation Calculator Truck

Miles weekly 140.00 Purchase Price $24,000.00

Yearly Tuck Fuel P/ Gallon $2.85 Salvage Value $8,000.00

Truck Payment $0.00 estimated mpg 3.50 because idle Depreciable cost $16,000.00

Fuel $5,244.00 Cost P/ Mile $0.81 Assett Life Span in yrs. 5

Registration $2,350.00 Rate per/mile $17.22 (gross/miles) Depreciation/year $3,200.00

Insurance $7,000.00 Truck Pmt. Monthly $0.00 loan over 7

Repairs $1,610.00 repairs/mile Trailer Pmt. $0.00 Depreciation Calculator to a 20%Trailer

Shop Rent $3,600.00 Registration annual $2,350.00 Purchase Price $62,000.00

ELD $201.00 Insurance annual $7,000.00 Salvage Value $20,000.00

depreciation $3,200.00 Repairs cost/mile truck $0.25 Depreciable cost $42,000.00

Driver Income $65,000.00 Repairs cost/mile auger $0.15 Assett Life Span in yrs. 5

Total Expenses $88,205.00 Repair per/mi hopper below $0.06 Depreciation/year $8,400.00

Net Profit $512.44 shop rent Monthly $300.00

Eld Monthly $16.75 Depreciation calculator to a 15% trailer

Est. Depreciation Annual Truck $3,200.00 Purchase Price $50,000.00

Est. Depreciation Annual Auger $8,400.00 Salvage Value $10,000.00

Est. Depreciation Annual Hopper $8,000.00 Depreciable cost $40,000.00

Driver Income Annual $65,000.00 Assett Life Span in yrs. 5

Yearly hopper 15% gross revenue Depreciation/year $8,000.00

Trailer Payment $0.00

Repairs $386.40 repairs in hopper average

depreciation $8,000.00

Total Expenses $8,386.40

Net Profit hopper $2,703.28

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spreadsheet didn't transfer nice all in all at these numbers .034

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another thing you need to run that many bushels to get the price down there. Less bushels more cost!

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Travel time I use $0.003/bu - loaded mi based on ~ 250k/truck/year

Add $0.02 - $0.06/bu per load depending on load/unload times. At minimum cover fixed costs. Add labor for additional time.

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I usually figure $.002/bu/mi.

If I'm paying depreciation/insurance/registration ect... I'm paying it whether the truck is in the field for harvest, sitting in the yard or on the road. (Acknowledging depreciation should be split into age versus mileage.) We don't pay any labor other than salaries, so my labor cost is the same regardless, it's more about opportunity cost. If we're in the field or busy the cost can easily double or triple, but in the winter when truckers are sitting and guys are standing around, it's pretty easy to justify.

Something else to add here is our current fleet was purchased fairly cheaply to begin with, if you buy nice trucks your depreciation is obviously higher.

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Were 8-9 cents a bushel of wheat but that's from field to elevator cost. Never broke it down to per mile.

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anything under 10 miles we do by the hour 82.50

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.003 cents per bushel per mile. Hiring it done. Trucking is a waste of my time.

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Kinda need to know the conditions of the roadways you're traveling ( steep, rough, gravel, pavement etc.) My cost this year for my route was atrocious cause it was a 45 mile trip to the elevator and the roads destroyed my trucks and trailers. Constantly had 1-2 trucks or trailers down in the shop through harvest.

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$60 an hour is our best guesstimate

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have and 05 KW and an 07 KW we have put a half million miles on the 07 and I have every expense right down to an air freshener tracked it has cost me $.31/mile over those half million miles that includes EVERYTHING spent on that truck. But not operator at $.40/mile and Fuel at $.45/mile so that is $1.16/ mile that is $.0012 per bushel per mile

this does not include depreciation

Now the 05 we had to put a new engine in it so my cost per mile on it is not to good. I need to get some miles on it

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