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Planter opening blades. Prescription tillage blades

I have a case ih 1250 planter and have a lot of trouble with longevity of my blades. Case blades are junk. I tried some aftermarket blades from seiker sales and had a lot better luck. Recently had an ad pop up on Facebook showing a notched type (saw blade) blade from prescription tillage that looked pretty cool. I was curious if anyone has ran them side by side and also had a lot of acres on them? My case blades on a 24 row notill would only go 2000 acres tops and my after market blades would disintegrated at 4500 acres.

Also interested to know if the saw blade type blade held consistent depth after some acres of wear?


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We ran them on a couple of rows on our caseih planter. I wasn't impressed. They wore faster than the heavy duty caseih coulters and lost the cutting edge around 1500 acres into the planting season. We have a 36r20 planter and covered 3500 acres this spring with them.

They are definitely not worth the extra cost. Just keep good OEM coulters on your planters.


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Caseih does make two grades of blades. The standard blades are junk! I have since put on the heavy duty, They have now been on it three years. (24 row 1250 about 2000 acres/year) they need replaced now. You do have to buy longer bolts. Bearings are much heavier. Proper shimming is also very important to blade life.

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We have ran a set each of the two past seasons on a 1775nt notilling into heavy ground with thick cover crop. Both years they did not last all season (12rows over 1,200 ac) supposedly they changed something for 19’ and the rep discounted a second set to run this past spring.

Positives are they reduce hair pining of cover crops to virtually 0. They turn closer to travel speed Of the planter than ...


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I’ve been researching them for a JD 1770 and have an interest but like you would like to hear how they preform.

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I believe they where the 4.5 or 5mm blades I’ve never had an issue with bearings just the blade for the case blades. The shoup blades I ran I didn’t have any luck at all with.

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Case offered different sized thickness for openers. I had to get different bolts to use the thick ones What thickness were you using?

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I have no experience with the notched blades but I think I read somewhere that they was not impressed with them for the price. I run shoups blades on my case IH planter wear is better than factory case IH blades and the price is better too.


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I did run a couple sets of PTT saber tooth planter blades our 1200 case this year. We had a very wet spring and ended up taking prevent plant on most of our corn acres. I cannot really comment on how they wear. They are pretty heavy built and I believe they are 4mm thick and have a good bearing. I don’t think they are built to fit a Case planter. As I am sure you are aware Case cuts a narrower see...