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What is your biggest disappointment the last two weeks?

The markets, your football team, first combined field, or other

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Too much rain for spring wheat farmers to get the harvest done on time

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***** granting hardship waivers to the wealthy oil companies. And to think I campaigned for him.

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Our cousins called last week to let us know they sold the farm we operated for 20 years. We rented it from their mom for 15 years, and the last 5 from them (following her death). We had talked purchasing it from them the last 2 years but they could never commit on a price ( four kids - four prices). They called to tell me they sold it to a local wildlife group. Feeling a little digruntled about it !! Oh well was'nt ment to be ?????

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Mant of our Coen hybrids are laying on the ground. Our stalks are brittle and weak. Every time the wind blows, more falls over.

On the plus side the moisture has dropped dramatically in the last 10 days

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