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Challenger 1000 series. Know anyone that didn't like theirs? Looking at trading tractors. 1038.

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Loooovvveeee love love the 1000s. We are running 2 1038s and a 1050. On our second year and over 1200 hours on them. They are bigger than the 8rs we replaced so visibility and turning radius is not as good for row cropping. we are pulling a 60’ corn planter and 40’ bean planter in the spring, pull type silage harvester in summer and 1400 bushel carts in the fall. The 1050 pulls 52’ mulch finisher and 11 shank dominator with no issues at all. They get the power to the ground that’s for sure. The 32 mph road speed is nice too.

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************ maybe you can comment about your1038

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We have a 1050. 2nd year running it pry have put over 1200hrs on it. Have the green fit GPS system in it which is ok not great but ok. Pulling 60’ JD no till air seeder all spring an Grain cart summer an fall. It’s a love hate relationship with us. We are John Deere people so the German engineering leaves us scratching our heads sometimes, not nearly as user friendly, simple design as ** IMO. Fuel tank is way too small an doesn’t have enough power to effectively pull our big drills in hilly country. Have the biggest tires available on all the weights possible. Rides super nice an transmission is awesome, super nice lights, it miserable to do maintenance on with such big tires an everything is covered with shields. All things considered I’m kinda neutral on the machine.

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We had a 1050 demo last year. I’m definitely a JD fan but would consider a Challenger for our next purchase. Controls are overly complicated I felt, not a fan of Agco GPS and hyd outlets set in considerably from the drawbar so its hard to make the hyd hoses stretch far enough. On the plus side, I loved the cab, loved the transmission. Couldn’t really push the power because our implements are not large enough for 500hp. Dealer support/parts makes it difficult to look at much anything other than JD. Agco parts are a minimum 3 days delivery unless we want to pay overnight freight whereas JD is next day by 8am.

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