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Anyone have snow problems in bins in the northern states?

We had problems with snow blowing in under our grain bin eaves the last 2 years especially. They are nearly new bins and we are getting tired of trying to throw that snow out after every blizzard. We think we have eliminated that problem this spring by using spray in foam that you buy at like Menards to insulate walls with. We applied it while bins were still full before we emptied them and it really worked well. Applied it to the eave from inside and nothing leaked through to outside. Works best if bin is down about 1 ring so have room to work.


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We did the same thing. Worked well

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Snow would blow in through the vents. We made an envelope with road fabric and wire tied the envelopes over the flapping OEM bird guards th...



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I think that is why that little gap is left between the bin walls and the roof panels, (the one the snow blows in), so when. the condensatio...


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