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Any direction corn harvesting

Does anyone have experience with harvesting corn in any direction? Specifically, what would work best in 30 inch rows? I'm guessing the 15 inch would be best, but it's a lot easier to buy and sell a 20 or 22 inch corn head. Is it even worth trying?


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Is it possible to use a 20 ft grain head just a thought.


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I know people did it in our area a few years ago when there was a lot of downed corn. It's been done, but beyond that I couldn't offer any tips.

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I have used a 22 in corn head to harvest down corn. Tip header back if possible. Less angle helps the corn move. Harvest against the way the corn is leaning. Go one way. Take off the rubber ear savers flaps. Be patient. Give the corn time to move into the header. Good luck