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Anyone use the Farm Trx yield moniter? And if you have it do you like it?

Im trying to find something on the cheaper side since we do not cover a lot of acres.. want something to compare the different hybrids since our combine doesnt have any kind of yield monitor.

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i dont know what u have for a combine but we have precision planting monitor. it will run u close to 5000 but once calibrated which is only once it will stay accurate. i dont know anything about farm trx but i know having bad yield maps is basically worthless

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We have a gleaner R62 and according to the local dealer they aren't able to put the precision planting yield sense on this combine. I agree that poor yield maps are worthless.

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Call ******* Precision Ag in Indiana. He made a kit for Yieldsense on Gleaners that works.

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Thanks! Appreciate your help

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We put a Farm trx on our L3 this last fall. Going from no yield data to this is pretty good! I've got nothing else to compare it to. We had a few glitches starting out, but I think that is mostly due to the poor electrical output that the L3s have. (You know, like can't run lights and combine at the same time... ugh.) Handy to have anyone jump in and go without needing to set up a screen/monitor. Downside is you don't get to see a map as you go, but it can give you real time yields if you keep your phone on.

It also uploaded onto FBN well which gave us another layer of maps (like matching hybrid with soil type).

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Thanks for your comments. Good to know someone out there has it and likes it. Good to know it uploaded well to fbn.

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I also am not familiar Farm TRX, but have used a Loup yield monitor. It ran around $4500 a few years back. Worked very well and had great maps.

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Ok that's one i didn't look into i might have to check that one out.

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