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Crop Progress?

Just started tasselling here in Western IL on April planting, has been hot and June plantings are suffering some.

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head high on fisrt plantings, 5 leaves from tassel

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Northeast OK is filling ears and should start harvest in 5-6 weeks which is a couple weeks later than normal for here

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March planted corn is denting and looks good. Harvest starts in 4 weeks. May replant corn is burning up in this Mississippi heat but still has potential. This tropical storm should bring relief, as long as it doesn't get too windy.

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Either a wide area suffers from their late planted corn and it rallies or the June planted turns out with decent yields. I don't think an isolated county or state disaster is in the cards. I haven't seen any tassels yet but assume some will be visible later this week on the early stuff.

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We just started tasseling south of Minneapolis/St Paul. Our latest corn is about 130 gdu’s Behind the first. Will likely be all done tasseling just in time for the colder weather to come in mid next week.

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Tassels are just starting to appear around the area on some corn. But I took a 20 mile drive this afternoon and found several fields that haven’t reached knee high yet. I’m knocking on all the wood I see, but I’m in a small garden spot that has missed much of extreme rains. 5-15 miles in any direction and it’s not hard to find horrible looking fields.

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