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Planting prescriptions with Climate Fieldview Scripts… How many zones

For those of you using Climate Scripts to create your planting prescriptions. How many zones do you generally set the script for? I’ve seen some of my fields that the script defaults to 4 zones, other times 3 zones, and other times 5 zones. Do you just let the script do it’s thing, or do you set the number of zones to a standard number per field? Same with population, do you let the script set the population rates for you, or do you adjust them to the nearest 1k or even .5k? Trying to learn what’s best…. Of course, what’s best for your farm definitely won’t be the same for my farm… I understand that! So, I guess I’m looking for everyone’s opinion…

I should add that my smallest field is 75 acres and my largest is 210 acres.


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I do manual zones. It’s all based on how much variability you have. Overlay imagery past yields. I even look at bean yields for corn pop. See where late season moisture is etc… I wish I had more screens I want to look at 3 maps at a time. Manually do them. 28k 32k 33k pretty common. Same on beans. 115k 130k 145k

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My channel seedsman has been doing mine with help from their agronimist. Usually 4 to 5 zones on larger fields. I have been having them place 3 hybrids to choose from per field. I think they call it the seed advisor program. I have seen 10-30 bu yield increases from doing this without not adding a lot more imputs.

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On small fields, 2 zones at the most. Larger fields with true variabilty I went with 3-4 zones tops. I set my rates in 1k incremnets.