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how do u keep sparrows out of a behlen Quonset.

we use our behlen quonset as a grain bin and as a machinery storage its always loaded with sparrow shit. any ideas


Verified FBN Member (AB, CAN)

Close the doors.

Verified FBN Member (SK, CAN)

so u hung them all over the inside of ur quonuset i would think

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Hang a few old computer CD's, or hang some zip lock bags half full of water. Cheap and easy. I did the CD's.


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I used quart size. I thought the CD’s did the best.

Verified FBN Member (SK, CAN)

so how big of a siplock bag did u tie up did u hang them of the roof

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Power wash there nests. They build there nests out if the weather if there nests keep coming down because it's wet they will move after a c...


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