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What types of soluble P/K is compatible with 32% UAN?

I am using a 2by2 application on planter. I am considering applying N-P-K at planting. Any advice?


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I use 28-0-0-2s probably need to cut it with some water with 32 percent.


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KTS works with UAN going to run 1 to 2 gallons this spring on planter.


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I had some salting out issues with KTS and UAN early when trying to use them 2x2x2. Found that both KTS and UAN 32 have to be above 70 degrees. Mixed them for side dressing in early June when both products were warmer, still had some problems. Definitely helps to to keep them agitated.

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Monty’s premium blend and K28 which is a potassium acetate.