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Selling chemicals to farmers

Hello, is it legal to sell unused chemicals to other farmers? I have a decent amount of pp and I'm planning to exchange some chemicals with fbn but I dont want to have a bunch of 2021 chemical laying around.


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I believe here in Indiana you need a state lisence to sell pesticides. Different states may have different laws.


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I think it’s like selling bin run wheat for seed. It only matters if you’re caught. 😂

Really I think if it’s not a RUP you’re okay. I can’t see that as any different than selling them at a farm retirement auction.


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Restricted use products require a license to buy. I don’t know of any other issues.


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It’s only illegal if you get caught! In all seriousness, I think it’s fine, not like it’s an FDA regulated item. I’ve never read anywhere that says you can’t sell unused chemicals to other farmers