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Starter fertilizer for wheat

Who here is putting starter fertilizer on with their drill? What combination are you using and what rate?

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Following. Curious if anyone has seen any big advantages to using phosphorus mixed with 32. Heard mixed reviews, some great & some say no known advantage.

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We have been putting down some 32 and a product called riser from nutrient ag. Been using a coulter machine. If I wanted to put it down with my drill, I would have to go with the rate of 8 gallon an acre. That isn't very feasible for me. I want something cheaper and a lower rate. Im not sure if 10-34-0 alone would be enough nitrogen.

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I tried about 10lbs in the trench of 46-0-0 on some spring wheat. Full disclosure, first time on a totally new air drill and first time sending fertilizer down via air drill.

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We’ve been putting 11-52-0 in the furrow with seed for 15 years, usually 20-30lbs/acre. If nitrogen is needed, sometimes do a blend of 1/2 46-0-0 and 1/2 11-52-0 at a rate of 60-80lbs/acre. All this using JD air drill with fert in front tank and seed in rear tank.

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