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What is the best round bale handling tractor out there . Looking to buy a 150-180 horsepower Tractor

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If you are looking for used a John Deere 7810 before all electronics. Do not buy a 7030 series go to an R they are built heiver then a case and the new loaders are incredibly tough. Also if you get a Deere make sure it has the heavy duty front end. We haul 2 bales across pastures with our Deere's all the time no front end problems yet after 10000 hours. Neighbor has broke housing twice on his case.

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Thanks *******

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We have a 6150M that has been a great loader tractor. The Rs are nice too, was just more than we needed.

I just bought a 6430 premium IVT that we’re going to use to load straw in the field this year that I’m pretty excited about, but I have no experience with it yet. It’s also way below your HP.

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New Holland Bi- directional TV6070 or similar model is very handy moving bales of all kinds. We have 300 acres of alfalfa. Being a hydro changing directions and speed is very easy. loader controls are foot pedals leaving your hands free to steer and run the hydro. It is also very gentle on the seeding driving in the field. It has a lot of reach and lift we stack 3x3x7 square bales three at a time on semi trailers, it will load the entire trailer from one side of the trailer. The drawbacks to the TV 6070 is that it is not a good tractor for row crops. It will not go down 30" rows with the loader on. It also is not made for heavy drawbar loads because of the hydro. It has about 160 horsepower. We also use it a lot on augers and the bale wrapper. Being articulated it is easy to stack bales tight and lineup augers on bins. I have owned 3 of them over last 30 years, Ford 276, New Holland TV140 and the current TV6070. They no longer are building new ones that could be another drawback.

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We’ve run John Deere loaders forever and love them, in our opinion they are a better loader assembly and better loader tractor then Case. Agreeing with ******** first post, 7810’s are work horses, we’ve had ours for 20 years and it had 13,000 original hours on it before it’s first overhaul last winter, we still almost use it every day. The 6Rs are really good to and have feature that make them handier for loaders like foot throttles, auto shifts/ivt and auto clutch breaking. Make sure to consider though that from a 6150R to a 6170R there is a frame change. The 6170R is a heavier built tractor and can handle the heavier duty loader the 6150R can’t. The 6170Rs also hold their value better. We have a 6150R and a 6170R that are identical and the same age and when we looked at trading them the 6170 is worth 20-30,000 more then the 6150. Also consider a bale spear if going to carry to bales on front, they weigh significantly less the the bucket and grapple and will make for a lot less wear and tear on the tractor. Double bale forks/spears on the back are great too, the help balance the tractor and make carrying 3-4 bales at a time a breaze.

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Case IH mx120 or mx135 are perfect loader tractors. Reliable, simple to work on, and will run forever if you maintain them. Lower HP than you're looking at but they handle a loader just fine. They are an older tractor by now but are superior to the newer ones for a loader because they have a longer wheel base making them smoother riding and they are so easy to work on yourself. Put fluid in the rear tires and get a low center of gravity loader for it, we have a great bend 760.

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Take a look at Kubota if you’ve got a good dealer close by. Got a 110 hp with loader. Handles big bales just fine. It’s a little light on the back end but you could just get some wheel weights. More reasonable than green.

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If you’re buying new get electronic controls they allow you to keep your arm on the arm rest and a left hand reverser I run a JD. 6430 with those options and everyone that runs it likes it

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Thanks for the feedback everybody. Does anybody have any experience with Case Puma 180 tractor's ? Found one that has the right price tag .

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I have a 7030 New Holland with loader. Its the same as a Puma 180. Only problems I encountered so far( mine has 3600hrs) are joystick( replaced 3 times at $ 900.00 pc) , had to replace front wheel seal on one side. Air seats a piece of crap. Make sure it has shocks under cab.

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