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What are peoples thoughts on the corrupt USDA reports?


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Response deleted by author

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I listened to *********** speak at a titan machinery event. He says USDAs 2019 corn yield is an absolute lie. Recommended watching for them to correct it in July or August

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There should be an automated setup going through crop insurance reporting if there are going to be reports. Anything other is Fake News. Fire these useless bureaucrats in these government agencies. There is no accountability for these people.


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Stats Canada is no better lots of crop still sitting in the fields up here. Some crops affected by drought across a large area still saying great yields. Biggest thing affecting grain markets is politics in my opinion

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USA is too efficient at producing a crop.

Crop markets are basically supply and demand. Buyers know there's enough corn to fit the need. No need to drive the price up.

We produce such a large carryover it's tough to think so many PP acres hardly budge the market.

USDA probably wont have an accurate report until mid january. Even then I dont know how they account for grain still standing in the fie...


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How can their numbers be credible by just making phone calls and doing surveys? They have never called me

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Corrupt, doubtful.

Unmotivated staff, likely.

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No banker in their right mind would deal with USDA/NASS, in the way they present the numbers!


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I don't think they are corrupt. The acreage totals (planted corn, planted beans, prevent plant corn, and prevent plant beans) add up to only 3 million acres more than last year. The yield projection on the other hand....


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