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3" or 4.5" Gauge Wheels on Maxemerge Planter?

What size works best for gauge wheel width on a John Deere Maxemerge planter? 3" or 4.5" We will be running Precision Planting DeltaForce. We have had good luck with the 3" MudSmith wheels on our air seeder. I robbed them and ran on our old Maxemerge last year with heavy duty down pressure springs and did just fine but am trying to decide because we are installing PP Conceal. Thanks.


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I have switched to the 3 inch wheel also. I like it more, I think it helps in crusting situations and also water will not run or pond in the row as much. Also less mud build up in clay soils just because you have less of a contact area. Just my experience.

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I’ve been running 4.5 inch thinking it spreads the weight out a bit more so there is less compaction next to the furrow but I’m sure it’s just a personal preference.


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With Precision Planting DeltaForce it actually has a load cell and applies just enough lifting while maintain 100% surface contact and not compacting side walls. With wider wheels it would take more downward force to maintain the same amount of optimal pressure on the soil surface and trench to prevent sidewall crumbling. 3" gauge wheels are narrow enough to stay behind row cleaners as well as nar...