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*What are you trialing on your farm this year?

What are some of the agronomic practices you are going to 'trial' on your own farm this year? Maybe trying different planting dates? Or, different seed traits on the same plot of land? Perhaps your experimenting with different fertilization rates?


Verified FBN Member (IL)

We are trying Pivot Bio on some acres this year. We will see if it can replace 40 pounds of nitrogen as they advertise.

Verified FBN Member (LA)

Trying some different seeding rates on soybeans. Hopefully save a few bucks per acre with no yield loss or weed pressure.

Verified FBN Member (KS)

Possibly switching some fields to an organic wheat system

Verified FBN Member (IA)

I'm having the coop do a 50/50 spray on the corn, rather than putting it all on before planting. I hope it will cut down the button weeds.

Verified FBN Member (WI)

We will be trying FBN seed corn and Soybeans. We also installed infurrow on the planter for starter fertilizer. Bought some Biologicals from FBN to mix with the starter fertilizer.


Verified FBN Member (MI)

We are trying to plant beans early.

We are experimenting with foliars on corn and beans from ag explorer.

We sprayed some boron on some of our wheat with 28%.

Trying some in furrow products on corn.

Trying notill in corn and beans.

Trying to notill beans into standing rye

This is quite the year for us.

On top of all that we bought our own sprayer and we are doing all our own spraying for ...



Verified FBN Member (NE)

we will be doing side by side with FBN biologicals on six row’s

Starter program on other six rows

Belgrade Ne super site!

Be interesting to see if certain hybrids respond differently!!

Hope to have another great plot 20 plus hybrids corn& beans adding competitor hybrids also!


Verified FBN Member (MI)

60" corn, interseed cover crops at V6.


Verified FBN Member (KS)

Seed rye for next year's on-farm covers, followed by buckwheat for grain.


Verified FBN Member (ND)

Strip till fertilizer band depth (4in/10in)

Various biological products

Corn hybrid plot


Verified FBN Member (KS)

strip tillage and different crop strips in the same field. Strips of corn and strips of soybeans. Strips of corn and strips of milo. Variable fertilizer rates.